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The Truth about Fluoride

Wednesday, February, 12, 2020

What Every Parent Should Know...

Dr. Cameron has been a proud member of the American Dental Association since 2002.  The ADA has many programs to help promote health smiles, including National Children’s Dental Health Month during February.

Each year the ADA picks a theme and a focus for the month.  This year’s theme focuses on the importance of Fluoride in the prevention of cavities in teeth.

The year of 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of community water fluoridation, and the ADA is helping dentists celebrate the anniversary as part of National Children’s Dental Health Month.

This is a controversial topic and it is important to know the truth about fluoride, which is that in very small dosages it is an essential and a critical part of having a healthy smile and healthy teeth.

In honor of the program, the slogan for the 2020 National Children’s Dental Health Month is “Fluoride in water prevents cavities! Get it from the tap!”

Many people don’t realize the importance of fluoride (in the correct dosages) to help keep teeth healthy, especially as they are developing.

Decay fighter

Fluoride prevents decay in children and adults. It is especially important for children 6 months to 16 years old to get enough fluoride to protect their teeth. However, adults may need to add fluoride to their preventative appointments or their daily routine depending on their oral health requirements.

Every day bacteria, also known as plaque, forms on the teeth, producing acids that dissolve the tooth’s enamel, causing decay. Fluoride strengthens the enamel and protects against the acid attack. In some cases, it can remineralize the enamel and reverse the damage from the acid attack.

Fluoridated water supplies

Many communities add low doses (parts per million) of fluoride to the local drinking water, which helps greatly in reducing tooth decay. If your water does not have fluoride, we can prescribe a fluoride pill or drops that deliver safe doses of fluoride to help strengthen your teeth.

According to the most recent City of Johnson City Water Quality report, the tap water in supplied to our city has 0.7 parts per million of fluoride and the report defines Fluoride as “natural additive to promote strong teeth.” According to a 2016 published report about 72.8% of people live in communities with fluoridated water systems.

Most bottle waters contain little to NO fluoride.

Fluoridated oral care products

Everyone in the family should use fluoride toothpaste. Children should use only a thin smear until they are old enough not to swallow it. Older children and adults should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush. Older children and adults can benefit from a daily fluoride rinse.

We may recommend a more concentrated dose of fluoride that we apply in the office at your preventative recare appointments. We will use a tray to apply either fluoride foam or gel, or we may use a small brush to apply a fluoride varnish.

Fluoride is a strong weapon in the fight against decay and can help you and your child be decay-free for a lifetime. 

As a dentist, Dr. Cameron has seen first-hand in her patients the positive difference in teeth that have small dosages of fluoride versus teeth without any fluoride. The enamel is much stronger and much more cavity resistant when exposed to the proper dosages of fluoride.  

In large dosages Fluoride can be harmful and that is why it is important to follow the instructions for over the counter products and for prescription strength products to be used only under the guidance and supervision of a licensed dental professional.

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