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Teeth and Gums and Tobacco Don’t Mix

Monday, March, 1, 2021

According to Sophisticated-Smiles, using any type of tobacco, including chewing tobacco is bad for your body and your mouth. Consequently, if you smoke cigarettes, cigars or a pipe, you are exposing your teeth and gums to pollutants and smoke as well. 

Tobacco and Teeth and Gums

Because smoking weakens your immune system, it has a tougher time fighting infection. This makes it extremely difficult to fight gum disease. Moreover, if you already suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease, your gums will be more difficult to heal and keep healthy.

In addition, tobacco users also suffer from chronic bad breath, receding gums, stained, loose or lost teeth. If you smoke, it is also tougher to diagnose oral cancers.

Did you Know?

  • One in five American adults smoke
  • Smoking is at the top of the list for preventable death and disease statistics
  • Over 485,000 people die every year from tobacco related deaths

Tobacco isn’t Safe

Cigarettes, pipe, and chewing tobacco contain more than just tar and nicotine. Tobacco products also contain over 30 known cancer-causing chemicals. Health issues that have been linked to chewing tobacco include:

  • Addiction-Nicotine is addictive
  • Cancer-Tobacco is linked to throat, mouth, tongue, gum, cheek, lip, and oral cancers
  • Tooth Decay-Chewing tobacco is loaded with sugar causing enamel erosion
  • Gum Disease-Tobacco irritants lead to gum infection, gum disease and tooth loss
  • Heart Disease-Some types of chewing tobacco have been known to raise blood pressure and heart rate leading to stroke and heart disease
  • Mouth Lesions-Precancerous mouth lesions where a person places tobacco for chewing could become cancer.

Dr. Angela Cameron explains that smoking causes stained teeth, and as previously mentioned, gum disease. If your gum disease progresses to periodontitis, there is no cure. If left untreated, periodontal disease will eventually cause tooth loss.

Quit Tobacco for Your Teeth Gums and Your Health

Quitting is good for your mouth and your body. When you stop using tobacco the benefits happen almost immediately and will last for the rest of your life.
These benefits include:

  • Overall feeling of well being minutes after your last cigarette
  • Heart and blood pressure rates drop after 20 minutes
  • Carbon monoxide levels drop to normal after 12 hours
  • One to three months after smoking cessation, your lungs work better
  • Heart disease risk is cut in half after quitting tobacco for 12 months
  • Oral cancers, including bladder cancer risks are cut in half after 5 years

More Frequent Dental Checkups for Smokers

If you do smoke you’ll need to schedule additional dental appointments during the year as smoking and chewing tobacco puts you in the high risk category for tooth decay, gum disease, and of course cancer. Dr. Cameron offers patients comprehensive dental examinations that include a cancer screening.

Quitting tobacco is the best thing you can do for your oral and overall health. Additionally, if you are having problems kicking the habit, talk to your doctor and don’t forget to schedule a dental appointment with your dentist in Johnson City.

Regular Dental Checkups for Preventative Health

Regular dental checkups prevent gingivitis and cavities. Call and schedule your dental checkup with Sophisticated-Smiles today.

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