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Sophisticated-Smiles World Oral Health Day 3 20

Friday, March, 19, 2021

Sophisticated-Smiles is happy to announce that it is World Oral Health Day on the 20th of March with the next three years bringing a very powerful message. What’s the message? “Be Proud of Your Mouth.”

Sophisticated Smiles and WOHD

If you follow the Sophisticated-Smiles Blog, you will remember that research shows a link between oral and overall health. Consequently, World Oral Health Day is the time to, “Be Proud of Your Mouth,” and schedule a comprehensive dental checkup.

The History of World Oral Health Day

Originally celebrated on the 12th of September, the date was changed to March 20th because it conflicted with the FDI World Dental Congress taking place at the same time.

The new date was chosen because children have 20 baby teeth while seniors need 20 teeth to be healthy. Healthy adults should have zero cavities and 32 teeth. Translated numerically it adds up to 3/20.

World Oral Health Day hopes to empower people with the tools and knowledge they need for good oral health.

Celebrate World Oral Health Day with Sophisticated-Smiles

Oral disease is rampant throughout the world. Poor oral health causes pain, discomfort and leads to social isolation because of low self-esteem. Most people don’t feel like sporting a toothy grin if they are missing their front teeth.

Most oral problems are easily preventable with education, and that is why World Oral Health Day is so important.

Dr. Angela Cameron is involved with World Oral Health Day and is helping people take action delivering education and the importance of good oral health.

Who are the Organizers for WOHD?

The FDI or Federation Dentaire Internationale organizes World Oral Health Day. The federation of organizations and national dental association’s mission is to represent every dental profession in the world as well as bringing people in dentistry together.

The FDI encourages everyone in the local community to create awareness about oral health. Regardless of how large or small your efforts spreading the word helps improve oral health all over the planet.

World Oral Health Day and Sophisticated-Smiles

If you would like to get involved in WOHD, talk to Sophisticated-Smiles and schedule a comprehensive dental exam, a chat, or a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Keeping your oral health in check keeps your overall health in check as well. Call, text or send a DM to the team from Sophisticated-Smiles today.


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