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Halloween Tips

Friday, November, 10, 2017

Happy Halloween!  Halloween is the perfect time to help educate children on good snacking habits that will last a lifetime.  The American Dental Association has awarded their seal of acceptance to many sugar-free gums and these make the perfect treat to give away or snack on.  However, it is tough to not be tempted by all the sugary candies available during Halloween.  It is OK to have a sugary snack, as long as it is limited to once or twice a day.  There are bacteria present in everyones mouths.  These bacteria produce acid when exposed to sugar.  This acid can cause cavities or gum disease.  The worst thing someone can do is let their child go to bed with a sugary coating on thier teeth. It is important to brush and floss well after eating a sugary snack and especially before bedtime.  For more information and dental health topics please visit our web-site or the ADA’s web-site

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