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Dr. Cameron Named 2018 Power Woman

Tuesday, May, 1, 2018

Our team is so PROUD of our very own Dr. Angela Cameron for being named one of the 2018 “Power Women” by VIPSEEN Magazine.  What is a “Power Woman”, you may ask?  To quote Angela Baker the Publisher of VIPSEEN,

“I think each of us has our own opinion about what it takes to be considered powerful.  Some would say it involves money or a prestigious title to be powerful, but my ideal power woman needs to have a lot more depth beneath her surface. 

To me, a powerful woman is selfless. She is kind. She is giving.  She leads with her heart. She stands firm in her beliefs no matter how unpopular.  A powerful woman embraces her mistakes as life lessons; growing and learning from them. She is approachable, coachable, and uses her influence for good.  A power woman empowers others to walk beside her while she leads, not behind her. These women’s stories show their depth and display the thing behind their true power: the heart.”

It is truly a blessing to have such a wonderful leader with a big heart, kind spirit, and a love and a passion for helping improve our patient’s smiles and their lives. Thank you Dr. Cameron for all that you do for our patients, our team, our office, and our community! We LOVE you!

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