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When Covid-19 forced dental practices to close, Dr. Angela Cameron from Sophisticated-Smiles and the TMJ Treatment Clinic decided to use the time to help others.

Shutting down meant that she couldn’t help or serve people, which is why she became a dentist in the first place.

With that being said, she thought to herself, “Well, I could share my knowledge with other dental and medical professionals and then the money could help me help these patients or help these patients get better and feel better.” With those thoughts the TMJD Webinar was born.

TMJD Treatment Clinic Webinar Back-story

Dr. Cameron has been married for 19 years. Her husband is a dentist who suffered excruciating pain from old sporting injuries that included stints in football, soccer, and martial arts.

Shortly after they became husband and wife, Dr. Cameron noticed that Dr. Cunningham, her husband, would be in pain when he chewed his food. His jaw also popped and clicked a lot.

He shared with Dr. Cameron that he had shoulder and neck pain and was concerned he would have to go into early retirement. Dr. Cunningham was also concerned he would end up disabled. He wanted help, but didn’t want to be medicated for his pain and didn’t want surgery either. What he wanted was conservative treatments.

From that moment on, Dr. Cameron promised her husband she would help him no matter what.

A Breath Through with TMJ Disorders

After travelling all over the country and learning from the best, Dr. Cameron continued her education and has successfully diagnosed and treated hundreds of people suffering from TMJ disorders including her husband Dr. Cunningham.

Fast forward to 2021 and Dr. Cunningham has been pain free for nearly 10 years. He can eat, chew, and talk without his jaw clicking or popping and he can practice dentistry until he decides to retire, not the other way around.

Keep in mind that not all dentists are able to treat TMJ, much less diagnose it. Dr. Cameron has both specialized education and equipment that allows her TMJD Clinic to diagnose and treat TMJD using conservative and non-surgical treatments.

Some of these treatments include custom-made oral appliances that are worn over the teeth. This helps maintain bite position. Dr. Cameron also uses Trigger Point Injections, which are performed in office.

TMJ Treatment Clinic and Disorder Help

If you are a dentist reading this, or a patient who has the same symptoms as Dr. Cunningham, talk to Dr. Cameron. Her TMJ Treatment Clinic helps both doctors and patients become more informed when it comes to TMJD.

Call and talk to a team member from the TMJ Treatment Clinic or Sophisticated-Smiles today.

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