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ADA Responds to Dental X-ray Study

Friday, November, 10, 2017

A recent study published in Cancer, has made headlines because of an association between dental X-rays and a benign type of brain tumor.  At our dental office (Sophisticated Smiles), our motto is “safety first” when it comes to dental X-rays.  We take precautions such as using a body shield with a thyroid collar around the neck to limit the radiation exposure.  We also use 100% digital X-rays at our office which have between 50%-80% less radiationthan traditional dental X-rays.  This minimal exposure is much less than the radiation you receive from being outside on a sunny day.  Because there are many oral diseases that cannot be detected with just a visual or physical exam.  Dental X-rays are a critical tool to catch/diagnose and treat these hidden problems at an early stage before more extensive and expensive dental treatment is needed.  There are some dental procedures that an X-ray is required to perform.  If you have questions or concerns about the recent study, than please view the above link. The take home message is, “Don’t panic.”  Please share your concerns with your dentist so that the best possible dental care can be achieved with a minimal amount of risk.

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