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Choosing the Right Dentist

Dr. Angela R. Cameron is pleased that you took the initiative to visit this page. Choosing the correct cosmetic dentist to help you achieve a gorgeous new smile is very important! Today, any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist even if they only offer simple whitening! We have included a few tips that may help you in your educative and personal decision.

1.) Is the cosmetic dentist a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?
You want to be assured that the dentist you choose is a member of this Academy because it is a reflection of the dentist’s commitment to this specialized field.

2.) Become educated and take your time
Cosmetic dentistry can literally change your life. A white and sophisticated smile can literally make you look years younger, you’ll find yourself smiling more and that brings it’s own intangible rewards - you’ll feel and look younger! Does your dentist provide a consultation to explain the various techniques and procedures? Study your dentist’s website. Do they offer full explanations of cosmetic options?

3.) Continued Cosmetic Dental Training
In order to perform cosmetic dental procedures at a premier level a dentist must have a combination of clinical and artistic skill. This experience is gained through courses in cosmetic dentistry on a continual basis. New techniques and materials are only beneficial to a cosmetic smile design if your dentist has the knowledge and experience necessary.

4.) A Caring and Communicative Approach
When considering a cosmetic procedure you should seek a practice that will honestly assess your needs and communicate them to you. You should feel that your emotional as well as aesthetic needs are being met through the beginning to the end. Our staff is supportive and educative and we welcome you to experience the difference at Sophisticated Smiles.

5.) A Smile Design Portfolio
It is important to see actual cosmetic cases done by the cosmetic dentist you are considering. Do they have before and after photos for you to look at on a website or in their office? You may see not only how your smile may be improved but also the peace of mind that comes from selecting a dentist who is experienced.

6.) Does the practice follow strict and thorough sterilization procedures?
Cosmetic dentistry is the art of aesthetically improving your smile, but you also want to be confident that the dentist insists on an exceptionally clean and sterilized environment.

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